Tax Measures DEFEATED!

The Napa County Taxpayers Association has made a powerful difference! NCTA — a dedicated group of Napa citizens — opposes new and increased taxation, thus protecting ever-shrinking Napa residents’ pocketbooks. Not only did NCTA sound the alarm about added taxation this year, NCTA took the following action:

Members and supporters posted signs, sent emails, wrote letters to the newspaper editor, participated in social media platforms, and ultimately, defeated the ballot measures that wanted to dip into your pockets and rob your hard-earned $.
We didn’t let that happen!

While Measure Y sales tax and the NVUSD bond Measure H were handily defeated, the dreaded Measure AA passed in the Region (note, however, it was defeated by voters in Napa Co.).

What is the takeaway for other groups that want to put new taxes on the ballot? DON’T DO IT ... you will be wasting your time and money. NCTA will defeat it and continue to protect Napa Co. residents from the added burden of more taxation.

Napa is made up of THINKING and caring people, and each of us is able to decide to whom and when to donate our hard-earned $. We don’t need NEW taxes — we are taxed enough already! Enough is enough! NCTA pledges to continue the hard fight against all new taxes.


We at the Napa Valley Taxpayers are proud that our community has voted approval for many school bond taxes in every school district in the county and for Napa Valley College.  Napa property owners have 4 school bond taxes on their tax bills.  We voters are proud to have approved the Measure A Flood Tax and the Measure T Road Tax.  These taxes have funded hundreds of millions of dollars to build new schools and repairs and upgradesto existing schools and have helped stop dangerous flooding.  Local flood control efforts have leveraged many millions in state and federal grants.  Voter support of the Measure T road tax is a model for maximum use of every tax dollar to repair roads and to minimize bureaucracy.

But, now we feel that the school districts, the college and the county and cities need to show their appreciation for our support of our schools, flood problems and road repairs by backing off their demands for piling on more new taxes.  As a token of their appreciation, we feel that the local schools and government agencies should pay off the existing bond taxes and sales taxes before they ask us for additional taxes.